Also an enterprise or entrepreneur is to announce the conclusion sur la prostitution étudiante main type of activity.
Such a system should provide conducting of databases of:.
The content, procedure and dates of data received from economic agents and providing the users with the information about the agent under state registration, are set in the Federal Act and the Government's decisions in the sphere of state registration.( Slide 5 ) The procedure.
The Government's decisions also determine the information receiving from other administrative sources, in particular about subjects of natural monopolies and whether a juridical person or an entrepreneur has licenses for specific kinds of activity.This group includes an administrative part Unique State Register of Enterprises and Establishments (usree statistical part The Universe of Statistical Observation Objects (USO Automatic classificatory base (ACB) and Database of enterprises accounting reports (DEA).In the current situation this Register is the most complete, open and accessible state information resource in Russia.Such approach makes the Register an interdepartmental one, raises comparability and uniformity of state information resources, raises quality of economic and statistical information, improves information support of economic developments in Russia.The basis for the identification and classification of state sector objects is the principle of definition of state's share holding size in charter capital of the organizations of certain legal forms.By every kind of the information received from administrative sources, Rosstat accepts joint with other departments documents, establishing a format of data, order of reception, transmission and other features of information interchange.These codes were taken into account when being registered in taxation bodies and extra-budgetary funds.The Register of enterprises created by national statistical bodies is a kind of nexus between administrative and statistical data characterizing economic agents included in the Register.Slide 3 the administrative part of the Register contains data on commercial and noncommercial juridical persons registered in state bodies.Thus, the work with the administrative part of the Register is carried out mainly on the basis of administrative data sources, in particular it concerns the information about the registration of juridical persons and individual entrepreneurs.The Classification is being implemented this year.In particular the state sector can include unitary enterprises and state enterprises with federal property (100) or with property of Russia's territorial and administrational units (100 as well as joint-stock companies whose share of federal property, the units property or a total share of state.The above-mentioned bodies themselves are to send the information in electronic form to the necessary addresses within the terms set by the Legislation, carry out all procedures and finally give the economic agent all the documents confirming its registration in taxation bodies and.According to the Federal legislation, every registering economic agent is to announce its type of activity and choose the corresponding codes in the Russian Classification of Economic Activities (okved) based on the nace classification.During last 2 or 3 years the Russian statistical bodies reorient the Register on development of its statistical application and transmission of the characteristics, which are necessary for statistical observation, to the departments that independently accomplish statistical activity according to the Federal plan of statistical.
Such classification enables to form official statistical data concerning state ownership forms.
Till recent times such units were not statistically surveyed.

As a rule, they are associations of economic agents, established by constituent agreements, foreign organizations, functioning in Russia without representations, financial and industrial groups and other groups of enterprises or associations of entrepreneurs.The essence of the concept is that an economic agent is to present its documents only for registration and does not have to address anywhere else.It will help to divide the national economy into several groups of economic agents - residents, which are homogeneous in their functions and income sources.It is necessary to underline that introduction of the "save efforts" procedure allows to lower the burden on an economic agent and enables it to begin the activity in shorter terms.Growing requirements to the Register's information, necessity to solve a wide range of statistical and economical tasks, to react rapidly to the Governments tasks in the framework of today's Russian societys problems and the forecasts of its development demand establishing a new more flexible, modern.Besides, the Register contains a multi-sided description of economic agents based on a single principle, it helps to select precisely a population of observation objects and to reduce statistical survey expenses.All feedback will be reviewed and incorporated as appropriate while still maintaining the validity and reliability of the certification process.The system is to provide the information interaction with other statistical databases, administrative information sources and consumers information resources Transition to this system assumes an increase in automation level of analytical and methodological decisions, the procedures of updating of homogeneous information in the various sectors.A system of classifications and reference books;.One of the important steps in this direction is to create at all levels of state statistics a uniform information system "United register system" (OSR).Besides all-Russia classifications the Register provides for the use of statistical classifications and reference books.When creating this renewed register we adhered to the Eurostat recommendations in the part concerning purposes of its creation and formation principles.Together with it, an enterprise or an entrepreneur was to get its own codes (according to the national classification of technical, economic and social information) in statistical bodies.( Slide 6 ).
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The Register contains units that are not juridical persons and not subjected to state registration.

One can indefinitely fill the Register with helpful information, pawn new opportunities and to decorate it with technological novelties, but if there are no consumers of such information, the intense and expensive work on formation and conducting the Register loses all sense.
The above-mentioned facts show that the use of classifications harmonized with international economic classifications, all-Russia classifications, statistical classifications, various reference books and nomenclatures, aimed at implementing of specific tasks, helps to form official statistical data which meet various requirements in the format needed.