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There have been no new major diamond discoveries in more than a decade.
The situation on the market of rough and polished diamonds continues to be a hot stuff for many.In January-April, there was.1 percent decline.2 million carats and.8 percent fall.59 billion.The statistics for the January-April period showed slightly lower exchange mac outlook declines overall.Although prices have improved by 10-20, credit conditions have not improved significantly.What is your forecast for the nearest two years?Helen Sun: The EPL diamond company has been affected by the financial crisis to a small extent, and we are more optimistic about the market situation opening in addition to two new Diamond Houses Chain stores in Moscow a Beijing Branch in China, as well.Demand will go up and production will expand we have the honor of working with a unique and beautiful object, which is diamond, and it will stay as such in the eyes of people for ever.Going into the 2008 holiday season, diamond jewellery was still the #1 desired gift for the holidays in 2008 - twice as popular as consumer electronics.Polished imports in the first four months fell.3 percent.50 million carats, and.7 percent.58 billion.Philip Claes: Belgian polished exports fell.6 percent to 575,076 carats last month, and dropped.7 percent to 599.4 million.Polished exports fell.0 percent.29 million carats, and.3 percent.63 billion.
The accumulated reserves will dry up soon and rough sales will start growing slowly, but steadily.

In research conducted at the start of the 2008 holiday season, 62 of women would strongly prefer one wonderful gift like a diamond than several small ones.No major sources of supply are scheduled to come into production in the near-term.If not the fate, then at least the foreseeable future of the whole global industry segment depends on it - from the largest diamond-mining companies down to the pettiest jewelry retailers.Philip Claes, Secretary General, Antwerp World Diamond Centre: Trading conditions for the Antwerp diamond industry remain difficult, although the latest figures of April show evidence of rising demand and prices for rough diamonds.Lynette Gould, Media Relations Manager, De Beers Group (London There are recent signs of improving demand for select categories of rough diamonds as cutting centre and retail inventories come down.Current mines are expected to produce some 20 less diamonds in 10 years time.Just have a look at the stock market - it has clearly stabilized in recent months and the business is going much better than in the beginning of this year.By the Judgment.In May, the diamond market began to heat up and of course this was closely related to changes in supply and demand on the diamond market.With worldwide reserves at an all time low - diamonds are rare and getting rarer.Rough imports in April posted a fall.9 percent.77 million carats, and.8 percent drop to 399.0 million.