"Fandom at Random" 5:28.
The history of Tankard is extraordinary: The Thrash Metal combo was brought into being in the early 80 's and was part of the big German wave of Thrash Metal along with label mates Kreator and Destruction.
Is trying to fool ya, is trying to dupe."Rapid Fire (A Tyrant's Elegy 5:12."Metal Magnolia" 5:07.The pub was my heaven, i took her home, then?A Girl Called Cerveza.I'll fall for her again (oh, no)."The Prisoner (Bonus Track for Japan 5:15, personnel, andreas "Gerre" Geremia - vocals, andy Gutjahr - guitar.Fast crushers, brilliant guitar riffs and grooving Mosh attacks combine with great melodies to result in one of the best Tankard albums yet.She must have drugged gardien de maison close synonyme my drink."Running on Fumes" 5:30.Fraud is her game, her file is overlong, rogue's gallery top ten.Next day I woke at noon.So get your canned beer out, crank up the volume and party hard!
Doro Pesch 4:59.
"Witchhunt.0" 5:42.

The Metal Lady Boy (feat.A girl called cerveza Is trying to cheat ya Is trying to trick ya A girl called cerveza A girl called cerveza Is trying to fool ya Is trying to dupe ya A girl called cerveza, cerveza A girl called cerveza (a taste of beer).My beer supplies were gone, that girl stole everything, i screamed!Olaf Zissel - drums).In case I track her down.A girl called cerveza.Is trying to cheat ya, is trying to trick ya, a girl called cerveza.Son Of A Fridge.
Frank Thorwarth - bass guitar, backing vocals.