A photography exhibition, Rencontres dArles, 2010.
The winner's book will be produced in autumn 2015 and be presented at the 2016 Rencontres dArles.Labor Anonymous, Detroit, 1946, for Fortune magazine.Courtesy of The Richard Avedon Foundation and La Parisienne de Photographie, 2015.Martin Parr Mayor of Todmorden's Inaugural Banquet, Calderdale, England, from "The Non-Conformists" series.Woman in Bed, from the Leakage series, 2011.With support from Actes Sud and Tectona.Manitas de Plata, Juerga, Philips 844 535 PY, France, 1963.CosmosArles Books creative direction has been entrusted to Olivier Cablat and Sebastian Hau and Sam Stourdze, director of the Rencontres dArles.Mon rêve de voyage ultime étant de découvrir louest américain en bagnole, ceci explique sûrement cela.» Encore mieux que les années précédentes.Courtesy of the artists and Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates, Inc., Philadelphia Venturi and Scott Brown On the Bank, Grand Travers, 2014.Courtesy of the Collection Wouter Deruytter.
Duck teleportation: phase 2, 2014.

Dolorès Marat Sillon de Talbert, 2008.For sale: pair of 1950s-1960s skis poles.Une trentaine de clichés en noir et site rencontre asiatique gratuit blanc y étaient accrochés côte à côte.He now gives himself four years to build an ultra-light aircraft.Courtesy of the artist.Untitled, from No Day series.Encore une bonne surprise!Courtesy of Clergue family.Courtesy of The Estate of Yousuf Karsh and La Parisienne de Photographie, 2015.This week, the world of photography casts its eyes on Arlesand in return, the festival promises a breath of fresh air!Based on the festival's programming, the event aims to introduce young people to the visual arts and fits in with a wider policy of cultural democratisation.Harry Callahan Oradour-sur-Glane, martyr village (France main street.
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